Logline: A family tries to partake in a simple holiday tradition, building a gingerbread house, only to see their plans for the night quickly crumble under the weight of a recent tragedy.

Release Date: June 2018

Running Time: 9 Minutes



Anneilis Kennedy / Nicole Lockard / Julie Riffle



Director: Tucker O'Neill

Writers: Karl Regensburg Richard Klos

Producer: Sarah Baniak

Director of Photography: Zander Edelman

Production Designer: Colin Abbot

Wardrobe: Nicole Oritsejafor

Editor: Jacob Hylton

Sound Designer: Erin Grote


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All media may be used for publicity and press purposes only. All content subject to copyright. Like We Used To Copyright Tucker O'Neill and Zander Edelman. Production stills copyright Ian Vecchiotti.


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